" Unlucky Dip Disco " [the best bad party ever] [2013]

“Unlucky Dip Disco” aims to be the Best Bad Party Ever.

Exploring the Power of 'Unpop'. One person's Cheesy Cringe is another's Cracker Track!

My favourite most popular unpopular tracks are played on endless loop. These are the songs that I would never play at my proper Lucky Dip Disco parties. To absolve all responsibility, the audience act as DJ in the Unlucky Dip Disco, by randomly skipping from one track to the next via the big cheesy ‘Panic Button’ placed in the centre of the record shaped vinyl dance floor.

The work explores our collective sonic fascination, and subsequent social dynamics, surrounding: guilty pleasures, annoying novelties, dire dross, cheesy chuckles, ludicrously lame, covers that kill, audio atrocities, and the cult of crap. Unlucky Dip Disco features a fully working bar, and the outcome may resemble a party in purgatory!

World Premier: Milton Keynes Gallery, Oct 2013 at the 'Pleasure Paradox' show curated by Christina Millaire.

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