" That was the year that was . . . . " [2013]

3" ceramic 'Nipper', 43 blank LP covers, iPod Nano, Boombox speaker [plays the audio], 4hrs.

A portrait of Pop Culture, using all the number 1's played over the 43 years of Top Of The Pops [1964 to 2006].

Each composition overlays the number 1's from a single year, played all at the same time, opening with the first chart topper and ending with the christmas number 1. The resulting 43 tracks reveal the unique sonic DNA of that year, flooded with fleeting 'particles of pop'.

These 43 years roughly define the era of peak physical music sales.
The work was created at the same time that HMV collapsed, our last high street music chain.

Nipper is buried in Kingston-on-Thames.