Recorded Delivery [1995]

A sound activated tape recorder travels overnight through the UK Post Office via Recorded Delivery service.

The dictaphone automatically edits the 15 hour journey down to a 72min recording, capturing only the significant sounds right up until the parcel is signed for at the end, where it was exhibited in a self storage building. The highlight is the early morning post office workers talking dirty about things that they wished had happened the night before. Serendipity working wonders.

Created for the group show 'Self Storage' curated by Artangel with Brian Eno and Laurie Anderson, Acorn Self Storage, Wembley, London.
The exhibition was No1 in Time Out. At the time of conceiving the idea while exploring sound in architecture at the RCA, i had no idea the Brian Eno came from a family of postmen!

"Janek Schaefer's first sound-work, Recorded Delivery, remains one of the wittiest
and most interesting in the field of Sound-Art. It is elegant, economical and clever,
and makes me wish I'd thought of it first. [Brian Eno 2005]"

The installation was originally produced in 1995, with a revised presentation in a Royal Mail postbag with the sound emerging from withinin 2009 for my retrospective exhibition: 'Janek Schaefer : Sound Art' at the Bluecoat, Liverpool.

further detail can be found in my archive site here

The film below documents the original production