Phoenix & Phaedra holding patterns [2009]

A foundsound radio play...

Live composition for portable radios, FM transmitter, 4 corner speakers, foundsound textures, & Shruti drone box.

Sound is all around us. An ethereal tapestry of invisible radio waves and sound pressure waves fills our world. Live in concert, Phoenix and Phaedra plays with our sense of place and scale, by using a surround sound speaker system in combination with a short range FM transmitter which broadcasts to a collection of hand held radios located within the audience. The concert is performed from the back of the space, out of sight, thus removing the spectacle of the performer, and leaving an empty stage for a pure sonic-cinema experience. The composition weaves together found sound textures, spatial sonorities, and the Shruti Box, an Indian drone instrument, which plays a central role in the work, with it's lulling and engulfing energies. The work is dedicated to the artists son Phoenix Schaefer.


photo above : Concert at the Bluecoat Gallery, 2010.


Concert at Kings Place, London, 2010

Concert in Parma, Italy, 2011.


Released on CD by Spekk in Japan, custom card casing, 2011.


Plan view of the concert set-up with radios for the audience