Love Song [2003/2013]

A dream come true . . .

‘Love Song’ began when I awoke with the idea fully formed in my mind while on honeymoon in March 2003. Love was ‘in the air’ it seems. My new bigger family has seven women living in England ranging in age from 7 to 60. I asked each one of them to sing the word Love seven separate times at seven different pitches. These pitches were chosen randomly without reference to each other, and they held the note for as long they could. Each relative was recorded in a different space at different times.

Using these 49 variations as building blocks I constructed a 10 minute multi-layered composition. This has two main phases developing around the themes of their personal relationships (daughters meld into mothers etc) and their various tonalities. Only stereo and volume editing altered the original recordings. The word Love is sung a total of 220 times and begins with the voice of my new wife. The result is a woven sound portrait of my extended family. In the gallery the sound is braodcasst via FM transmitter to a pair of floating radio headphones, and suspended below a cloud of Helium filled heart shaped red balloons.

Originally produced in 2003 as a room installation in Harlem, Holland.

On show at Semibreve using new 36" hearts, Portugal 2013 below: