Asleep at the wheel... [where our culture is heading ?] [2010]

"Asleep at the wheel…" is a thought provoking and immersive sound installation for multiple car radios, that contemplates our future. Exhibited in a vast disused supermarket, three-lanes of cars dissect the darkened interior, as the multiple hazard lights illuminate the space, revealing the finite road of our consumer driven daydream. 'More more more' is no longer a desirable destination.

You are invited to be a passenger in the back seats, as the in-car sound systems broadcast a collage of moving music and motivating sound-bites. On the return journey the Lay-by Library area encourages you to explore positive ways to improve our future together.
Society's pedal to the metal attitude to our world is not sustainable and is running out of road. We need to change gear, before we overtake ourselves . . . our windows of opportunity are slowly winding shut. Come and celebrate new beginnings.

Download the entire project, including the film, all spoken word content from the cars, music and photos, links and resources etc

Commissioned by : IF : Milton Keynes International Festival [2010] info here